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    Located in Central America, South of Mexico and East of Guatemala, this Country is a natural treasure. Once part of the Maya Empire, Belize was British Colony before becoming independant in 1993. From jungle to reef explorers and nature lovers will appreciate the richess of the land and sea. A must to discover.

Belize at a glance

Population: 260,000
Capital City: Belmopan (52,000)
Official Languages: English
Currency: Belizean Dollar
Land Area: 8,803 sq miles
Latitude/Longitude 17º 50N, 88º 19W
Economy: Fishing & Agriculture
Climate: Tropical
Electricity: 110 volts
Travel Document: Passport

Diving in Belize
Since the Barriere Reef of Belize is located few miles off shore, it is best for divers to stay at a resort on one of the many islands located East off the mainland. Ambegris Caye is the most developed and most popular of these islands. The diving there is very interesting and the canyon like formations underwater can be quite spectacular. The variety of marine life is extensive. Eagle ray, turtle and nurse shark sightings are common. Shark Ray Alley is a great snorkeling break in between dives. Sadly there is no shore diving available off Ambergris Caye (the lagoon is too shallow). Because Belize has such an extensive reef system, day trips to further away reefs are a must. The Blue Hole, Halfmoon Bay Reef and Elbow reef should be included amongst dive sites to explore.    

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The Belizean Currency is the Belize Dollar
The averageexchange rate is 2 BZ per 1 USD


Maya ruins, Jungle, reefs; so many things and so little time. One has to choose. If staying on the mainland then jungle and ruins will be. If staying on one of the caye or island then diving will be.