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Ben Scuba
PO Box 86
Yorktown Heights
NY 10598
(914) 661-0787

    BenScuba offers programs from beginner to leadership levels. We organize or course in compliance with the Professonial Association of Diving Instructors (PADI) standards. Our primary goal is to train divers to be qualified before being certified. Divers expect our best performance, and we demand the same from them. Safety and fun are our major concerns.

This is the first step of becoming a cerified divers and to enjoy the freedom of being an independant aquanaut. Becoming an OpenWater Diver will allow you to gain the proper knowledge and skills required to practice diving safely.

Congratulation in becoming certified as an OpenWater Diver. It is know time for you to expand your qualification by discovering new aspects of diving. The Advanced program will have you engaging in various forms of specialty dives. It's fun and easy

Diving is fun. However, once in a while we get this uncomfortable feeling that something is wrong, or may go wrong. As a Rescue Diver you would become the first line of defence in a diving emergency situation.
You have a great love for the sport. You're highly motivated to helping other divers with their diving needs. Perhaps you're looking for a career path in SCUBA.Become a PADI Divemaster.
You are looking to acquire new technical skills and learn proper safe practice and procedures in a new field of diving. From wreck diving to underwater photography, or night diving and more, specialty training is you ticket to new adventures.


Diving is fun.
Diving is easy.
Diving is SAFE.
Diving is the perfect family activity.
Diving make for great memories.
Diving create friendship.
Diving bring people closer to nature.

Do you Dive?



For comments or inquiries, please mail to: ben@benscuba.com