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    For those of you who haven't translated yet "images sous marines" means underwater images. There is no better way to capture and share moments spent underwater than by showing them. We'll share some of these moments with you thru photo we've and we invite to do the same by submitting your own images. We'll post them for the world to see.

    Enjoy these moments and don't hesitate to give us some feedbacks.

What would be diving without the fish. Every dive is a treasure hunt, a quest for discovering unseen before fishes and other sea creatures. We have captured some of it on film for your and our viewing pleasure.

Beyond fish swimming about the Reefs, the ocean realm is populated by a large variety of animals. From coraliforms to crustachians, the secrets of the deep came to life in front of our camera. Take a look for yourself..

We enjoy sharing our dive with others. We took photos of our dive buddies. We hope that you will be one of them soon.
Show us some of your stuff. We invite you to submit your images for posting on this page. How to? Simply E-mail us and send your photo(s) as an attachment. Your image(s) should be in a JPEG fomat and at least 6 x 4 inches at 72 dpi. Submit you work to: ben@benscuba.com
Reefs :
Under the deep blue sea, there is an ocean of colors. The water has absorbed all colors. But armed with a camera and the strobe we restored the hidden beauty of the coral reef.


The ancester of the popular Nikonos V underwater camera was the Calypso by Spirotechnique. The Calypso became the Nikonos I.

You too can bring the adventure home. Register today for our Underwater Photo Specialty Course.


For comments or inquiries, please mail to: ben@benscuba.com